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Owensboro | Lewisport
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Rate per session: $40

Hi, I’m Cyndi

Finding a counselor can be a difficult process. If you do a quick online search, you’re going to find lots of results, and probably a lot of confusing lingo. A lot of therapists out there will fill their profile pages with the different methodologies and theoretical orientations they practice from. But for most people, therapeutic jargon doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So instead, we take this opportunity to tell you what we’re about and who we can help, so you can make the best decision for you.

I work with people who are facing challenges in their relationships. Whether you’re struggling in your marriage and need help working on communication strategies, or you’re trying to decide how to handle a difficult situation with a family member – clients find success with me in changing communication habits and putting healthy, appropriate boundaries in place.

Additionally, I help couples who are struggling with infidelity. When someone steps outside their marriage vows, the results can be devastating – for both partners. I work with couples who are looking to rebuild their marriage and find solutions to move forward. I can’t promise it’s an easy process – but it is one that helps people to find long-lasting freedom and make their marriage stronger than ever.


My goal at Revive Wellness is to create an atmosphere of feeling accepted, loved and valued. Here, you aren’t judged or looked down upon for what you’ve done or the things that have happened to you. Instead, we work together to help you find real results so you can find peace and contentment.

Professional Bio

Licenses and Certifications:

  • Certified Temperament Counselor, Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors
  • Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care, Gospel Ministers & Churches International