A Course in Human Behavior

Creation Therapy is the foundational course used by the National Christian Counselors Association to teach the therapeutic model of Temperament, a true understanding of how God created us as individuals and how to use that information to help us in marriages, friendships, family relationships and church relationships. The course teaches how to understand the strengths God has given us, as well as how to overcome weaknesses and challenges we face.

Creation Therapy and The Arno Profile system is the foundation of what we do at Revive Wellness.

Creation Therapy teaches accountability for each individual’s actions and helps the student understand who God created each person to be as a unique individual, and how to counsel them according to who God created them to be and His unique plan for them. It offers a huge benefit to those who have a desire to learn to communicate effectively with others, and to learn and gain a deeper understanding of who God created them to be.

The course teaches you how to resolve personal and professional relationship conflicts using a proven faith-based model, provides a simple five-step method for helping yourself and others, and offers a faith-based perspective on human behavior and how God’s plan works when understood and applied in our lives.
The model of Temperament is used with clients at Revive Wellness to gain an in-depth understanding of how God made them, and it provides counselors with the information they need to be able to help the client move forward quickly.
The study is broken down into two units, and after each unit is a 50 question multiple-choice exam. After you’ve completed the course and have passed the two exams, you’re eligible for membership in the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling. Membership in the SACC provides you with the authority to run Temperament reports on other individuals.
The cost of the program is $285. After completing the course and two exams, a $75 application fee is required for the SACC which will then authorize you to run your own Temperament reports for a cost of $35 each.

The required textbook, workbook and video are included in the price of the course, and will be shipped to the student.