Affordable Counseling for All

As a non-profit, faith-based organization, we believe we have a calling and duty to provide top-notch services to individuals regardless of their financial situation or inability to pay. Thanks to our partnership with Fireside Ministries, we have the opportunity to provide low cost (or even free) services to individuals who face financial hardship but need counseling services.

In scripture, we’re called to minister to the least of these. Thanks to Fireside, we’re able to do just that.

The Process

Getting started is pretty simple. To apply for financial assistance for counseling at Revive Wellness, simply fill out the application below. You’ll be required to enter some personal information, what you’re seeking counseling for, and you’ll be asked to verify some financial information.

Your application will be forwarded to Fireside Ministries (your personal contact information will not be shared – all submissions to Fireside are anonymous), and the committee will review your application. Upon review, Fireside will let us know the amount of financial assistance they’ll provide. For example, the review committee may determine you’ll pay $10 per session, and they’ll cover the rest of the bill. Or, depending on your circumstances, they may decide to pay the entire cost of your services. After we receive word from Fireside (usually within just a few days), we’ll contact you to let you know their decision and to schedule your appointment.

Next Steps

After receiving the green light, it’s a pretty standard process. You’ll begin counseling with your provider, and you’ll pay any required amount at each session. We’ll bill Fireside for the amount they’ve agreed to pay.

Need Financial Assistance?

To get started, please complete your application. Apply for financial assistance here.